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On 57th Street, Pt. 2: To Developers-as-Designers

To Developers-as-Designers:

Where is the transparency, the accessibility of Our city?

It isn’t here:

The diamond-shaped viewing points that you’ve carved into your barricades at 111 West 57th Street do not provide Us with insight into Our ceaselessly fluctuating and mutating city. Instead, they allude to the limited access of the building for Us. 

It isn’t here:

Our past is eclipsed by your future, which erupts suddenly, violently, in the form of buildings like the Hearst Tower. Our collective skyline is alien.

It isn’t here:

Your so-called public plazas — like the 590 Atrium — are an artifice, with canned sunlight, shrieking birds and unfamiliar flowers and ferns. Only the Suits are at home here, plunking sugar in coffees and splaying out on patio furniture. We are divorced from and mocked by these spaces.

The city needs Us, Our, We. The city needs The Public.

Sincerely, The Public

An Autobiographical Object

On 57th Street